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Christian Straub

Words or pictures? Or both?

For me in the beginning there was the picture. I have been passionate about photography since my youth and as a child I always preferred painting to writing. That only changed during my studies: political science, sociology and social psychology. I learned not only to think, but also to structure, argue and define in writing. A lot in my head and not yet that creative. That came later.


First of all, I was drawn outside, far away. I applied for a job in uniform that still sends me around the world to this day. For over 20 years I have been working as a flight attendant and at the same time have worked in various areas of communication and PR for the Lufthnasa Group.


During this time I got to know writing anew, more journalistic and also more creative. I've noticed what writing is all about and I've been busy with creative writing techniques. So writing grew into a constant companion of equal rank alongside photography in private life.

Today I still enjoy being in the air and also working as a freelance content developer.

I write and photograph for companies, support the conception of online and print content and as a certified writing instructor I also support you with writing training. My heart beats for street photography. It trains the perception and brings a lot of calm and concentration in photography. How this works, I show in my workshops.

I get inspiration from my stays abroad and from exchanging ideas with a wide variety of people who I meet in my varied everyday life.

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