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Enjoy Writing & Seeing with the camera

Writing feels good

Writing can be a lot of fun as well as providing insight into yourself and clarity for your own situation. It feels good to write for yourself without any external requirements or formal requirements. Small impulses help you to stay tuned and use the writing for yourself. I support you in the same way as with upcoming projects where you are looking for the right tone. Creative and free writing also helps to master writer's blocks in the professional environment and to feel more comfortable with the written expression.

See what is

"The camera is an instrument that teaches you how to see without a camera," said the American pioneer of documentary photography Dorothea Lange. The focus of photography is on seeing. When I walk through the streets, my inner observer automatically reports with his comprehensive perception. Something pulls me under its spell because it seems so beautiful, touching or unique that I really want to hold onto it. With the camera, I then try to capture this moment, person or object exactly as I perceived it. Light and lines help to clarify my perspective. Photography is a way to get to know yourself better and to discover your own view of what surrounds you. Learn more about it

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